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Collaborate with Jessan 

Jessan collaborates with amazing individuals and companies of all sizes that recognize her skills and expertise as a fit for their well-funded projects. When you need an experienced, professional, strategic writer, entrepreneur, CMO and/or CCO, who “plays well with others”, please contact Jessan.  Thank you, in advance.


Communicate with Jessan

It’s easy to communicate with Jessan.  See below.

Jessan Dunn Otis | Writer

Jessan Dunn Otis | Writer


e: JessanDunnOtis(at)gmail(dot)com

t: +1 (401)301.0638

Skype:  jessan.dunn.otis






Create with Jessan

With an extensive and varied background using all her skills and experiences as a former academic, solopreneur, strategic writer, published poet, CMO, CCO and advocate, Jessan brings all this to each collaboration.

Having a tuned ear for nuance, meaning and intonation, Jessan’s essential skill is her ability to listen, “translate”, exchange ideas and synthesize diverse technical and general public concepts, initiatives and projects to create just the right emphasis, direction and urgency for your message.

A selected gathering of projects since May, 1996, have focused on various requirements, skills and goals. Included, in no particular order, are:

*creative, original website content

*original, individualized blog posts

*by-lined articles




*social media engagement

*press/new releases

*email blasts

*product descriptions

*forming, enabling and sustaining strategic alliances

*being an advocate for various social and non-profit (NGO) enterprises and organizations

*supporting and promoting several special interest projects and endeavors with a variety of online and offline efforts, including volunteering time, expertise and energies

For all verified non-profits (NGOs), Jessan collaborates based on a service fee, offering her overall services as an “in-kind” donation, based on her current rates and your specific, mutually agreed upon needs, requirements, parameters and duration.

Thank you, in advance and anticipation.