All We Are Are Our Stories

All We Are Are Our Stories

When you look at a person,...

I’ve been told that the first human sound I ever heard was, most likely, laughter; as my mother looked over the drape, surrounded by a bevy of student nurses, and asked, “Over hand or feather stitch?” as Dr. Vorsick repaired her episiotomy.

This is where my story began.  Since then, looking back, there’s no way I could have predicted nor anticipated the journey from then to now – just as well, I suspect.

All posts are my own, unless I invite someone to share their stories – with the exception, of course, of “Comments”.  All credit where credit is due will be made.

There is only one primary and permanent guideline:  play nice with the other children.  This site/blog is open to all and any comments, opinions, and points of view.  However, if what you write is inflammatory, bigoted, narrow-minded and/or hateful, I will delete it.

That rather unpleasant matter aside, I look forward to telling stories, sharing stories, listening to stories, and learning more as we all journey through this thing called Life.


What say you, please?

~ Jessan


5 thoughts on “All We Are Are Our Stories

    1. Jessan Dunn Otis Post author

      Adam ~ It’s very good to be “seen”, again, too; and, thank you, as always, for your support, enthusiasm, encouragement and, most of all, Friendship. Let’s share a telephone conversation soon – yes? Onward, upward, outward ~ GK of RI ~ aka ~ Jessan


  1. Jessan Dunn Otis Post author

    John ~ You’re most welcome; and, thanks for following my blog, as well – always appreciated. I’m aware that there are some writing circles in Rhode Island. I’ve not explored nor participated in them for a very long time, however. If you’d like to get together to “talk poetry”, I’d be happy to set a time/place that’s mutually convenient. What say you, please? ~ Jessan


  2. Jessan Dunn Otis Post author

    FYI ~ This is the third iteration of my site. The first was launched shortly after I began as a writer-for-hire in May, 1996. The second was replaced by this one in February, 2014. It’s my intentions to keep this site going, as it is now, for as long as I have the skills and abilities to do so. Thank you for swinging by. What say you, please? ~ Jessan

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