Sometimes life fools you.

#Rise_and_Shine Welcome to #Monday, September 5, 2022

Sometimes you think you know your life. Sometimes life fools you.

Yesterday afternoon, while traveling only a very short distance, my SweetMan and I were going to pick up a specific kind of clam rake that someone we’d never met was offering for free on our local Nextdoor site.

Thing is, Al had not been feeling too good the past few days. He’s had severe motion sickness all his life. With birthdays, unbidden it comes and goes often, causing him to sit, quietly, and make no sudden movements. But, he really wanted *that* clam rake!

We arrived at Jim and Jane’s. The clam rake was perfect! Instant kinship. Jim and Al hit it off  – lots of shared interests. Jane was sunning on their deck. Jim and Al went inside to continue to talk. I joined Jane on the deck. Good conversation.

Eventually, Jim and Al came outside. Al wasn’t looking too good. Longer story short: after they joined Jane and me on the deck, Al grayed, broke a cold sweat, collasped, passed out, and vomited.

Jane called 911. Jim helped me bring Al to an upright position so he wouldn’t aspirate his vomit. By the time Warwick Rescue arrived, Al was sitting squat on the deck, phasing in and out.

Time was approximately 2 PM.

I arrived at Kent County Hospital Emergency, just after they brought in Al. I had to wait until they processed him to get the okay to see him.

Doctors. Information exchanged. “Tell me what happened.” more than once. All the while I’m watching to see his color come back – he had looked like library paste sitting on that deck.

Chest x-ray. Off for a ct scan. Back in #22. Color looking better. Speech more coherent. Waiting for blood work tests to come back. Talking with each other. Laughing. Relaxing.

Shift change. Two new doctors come in. “We think it’s better that you stay overnight for observation.” I raised my hand. “Do I have a vote in this?”  Al said, “Okay.”

Once in a while I had stepped outside to breathe the (now) late afternoon/early evening air and to exhale.

When Al got supper, part of which we shared as I sat on the edge of his bed, I felt he was in good hands; and, although he doesn’t like hospitals, it was okay for me to kiss him and leave.

Time was approximately 7:15 PM.

On my way home last night, I stopped to thank Jane and Jim for their kindness. They offered me an adult libation, just a shot. I accepted.

All things being good and equal, once everything is okay today, I’ll go back to Kent County Hospital later and bring my SweetMan home.

Sometimes you think you know your life. Sometimes you don’t. Just as well, sometimes.


(posted to Facebook, Monday, September 5, 2022 at approximately 6:44AM)


2 thoughts on “Sometimes life fools you.

  1. Julie Ulmer

    Oh, Jessan, I was frozen with concern that you’d lost Al (your SweetMan).
    I’m grateful that he’s alright, and am praying for both of you. Julie
    PS Before I read the piece, I showed Artie the clam rake and asked him to
    guess who sent the email, and he guessed right! You two are etched in our
    memories as the newlyweds who fulfilled a bucket-list item by raking oysters
    in the Gulf!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jessan Dunn Otis Post author

      Dear Julie and Artie ~ All’s well that ends well. An extra day in the hospital for one more procedure yesterday and Al was discharged just before 6 PM. To say he was happy is a gross understatement. Me, too. There are follow-up appointments and all. In due time.

      I also remember, with great fondness, our meeting at Ho-Hum RV Park, Carrabelle, Florida. The taste of those salty-sweet Apalachicola oysters, with a dash of Red Hot, eaten on the beach and tossing the empty shells back into the Gulf is *so* good.

      I’m grateful that we’ve sustained our friendship all these years; and, that you, Artie, Al and I can continue to share our adventures, no matter where we are, Julie. Thank you for your prayers.

      Please, give your SweetMan a hug from us. I’ll do the same for Al.

      Journey safe. Stay in touch.


      ~ Jessan



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