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IF WE… For ARO – poem

IF WE…                    

Big Red Heart

Big Red Heart

– For ARO

If we were not able to touch, as we do   If it

was not possible to share in the ways that

only you and I have made with each other

would we still love in the ways we do now?


If we had no apparent means of enjoying all our senses have encouraged us to explore

would we, still, love each other, as we do?


If we, unexpectedly, found ourselves, inexplicably, dumb-made, incapable to


the shades and variations and variables of how we love each other   would we continue,

as we have, to grow in it?


My reply is, simply, this   Your laughter is my rain, it nourishes me   Your tears, my tears

Your joy, my joy   beyond my breath.


(c) 12/3/04  Jessan Dunn Otis

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Happy Anniversary SweetMan ~

Love ( all ways),

~ Jessan