Leaders and the Strategy of Distraction – essay

There are a lot of things that can distract us these days. Should “leaders” fall into that grouping?

More than a few “leaders” employ the strategy of distraction, tossing out red herrings willy-nilly and expecting the populace to follow.

I’m not falling for it.  Listening with a long memory of “leaders” who have come before, the art of the strategy of distraction is one that is particularly dishonest, disingenuous and demeaning.

When asked a direct question, give a direct answer.  Simple enough.

We certainly live in interesting times.  Leaders need to lead forthrightly, without talking down to the populace nor intentionally and/or unintentionally employing their particular spin on the strategy of distraction.

Simple enough.


2 thoughts on “Leaders and the Strategy of Distraction – essay

  1. John Damon

    Each Administration has its own type of spin Doctors One recent administration’s ploy was deny deny deny tell a lie often enough it will become truth and will be defended as such. another very recent HOPE change and progress is my mantra, Looked like hope felt like hope change can’t be far off and we know how that went All around the world people expressed disappointment, but the hold on media was so strong that very few of these voices were heard. And there was a setback not breath of progress.


    1. Jessan Dunn Otis|Writer Post author

      Quite so, John; and, thank you for sharing your thoughts. With this somewhat brief writing I was thinking of all leaders, not exclusively political leaders. Nonetheless, it certainly does apply. Spin doctors, by definition, proliferate a particular point of view until one can forget what the original message was. Since that seems to be quite true, it behooves the populace to listen very carefully and not to be distracted by the spin – more as if listening for what’s not said rather than what’s said; and, of course, word choice, tone, inflection and all. Again, thanks for reading and replying, John – always appreciated.



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