Open Letter /3/

“Open Letter /3/” by Jessan Dunn Otis|Writer

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you’re a leader.” John Quincy Adams

Dear Reader,

My tolerance for the present administration in Washington, D.C., has come to an end.

The major players in this administration, after more than enough time in office, have shown themselves to be two-faced, triple-talking, bigoted, smear-happy, opportunistic, money-grubbing, throwers of red herrings; and, masters and mistresses of chaos and confusion.



It continues, ad naseum.  Day after day. Week after week.  Tweet after Tweet. (Using the Twitter account of a former private citizen, who is no longer a private citizen since swearing in day January, 2016.)



Words matter.  Actions matter.  Words and actions reflect the character of a person. The words and actions of the major players of this administration become more transparent, self-revealing, disturbing and profoundly embarrassing. Undignified. Rude. Petty.  Insulting international leaders, long-standing allies, while insulting then complimenting and admiring other leaders of less than applaudable character who torture or murder their own citizens and systematically squelch and incarcerate any whisper of dissent against their own government.

This is some kind of surreal madness.  A world turned topsy-turvy. Up is down.  Truth isn’t truth. What was stated one day is mocked and denied the next day.

Does this administration believe that enough folks will forget a couple of years from now and be duped again?  Do the folks who voted this administration into office continue to believe that these elected officials are making decisions based on their best interest or their own?

How long can the duplicitousness of this administration continue?  How many more lies? How many more insults, slurs and misogynistic, racist, bigoted barbs to be shot out and then denied and/or spun away?



I, for one, have had more than enough.  Have you, dear Reader, had enough of this, too?  If you answered “Yes.”, my next questions to you are: What are you doing today? What are you going to do the next opportunity you have to stand up and speak out for what you believe?

Finally, I have never liked bullies. I am decidedly uncomfortable with inflated, self-centered personalities.  Those three attributes in one person who is the President of the United States is chagrining, disheartening and, ironically, motivating.

It is my goal that Donald J. Trump be a one-term President.

Most Sincerely,

Jessan Dunn Otis

This is the last in a series of three (3) “Open Letters”.



3 thoughts on “Open Letter /3/


    Hi Jessan. I don’t “do” facebook, twitter, or whatever “W” therefore I will respond by ordinary e-mail. Contrary to popular opinion, 1984 did in fact materialize; it was just 34 years late.

    Impeachment is not the answer because I do not trust the guy waiting in the wings anymore than I trust Trump. The best option seems to be waiting for 2020 and then opposing re-election with everything we’ve got. I trust that by then the Trumpster will have so thoroughly burned his bridges and trashed the Republican party that even some of his loyal fan base may begin to desert and that the Democrats and unaffiliated voters will unite. Only fly in the ointment is that the Democrats have a mere 27 months to come up with a viable and credible roster of candidates.


    Susie (Paula S. Kent)

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    1. Jessan Dunn Otis|Writer Post author

      Dear Susie,

      Ordinary e-mail works just fine to reply; and, thank you. On all points you make I wholeheartedly agree.

      With or without additional tampering, I still believe that every vote counts; and, that my vote is my voice. As much as any electronic system can be protected, it’s incumbent upon those responsible for that to go above and beyond to assure and guarantee that that is secure. In addition, please stop mucking around with gerrymandering and get rid of the electoral college.

      There are many folks who are paying close attention to the present administration. I agree with some of those folks and I disagree with other of those folks. We can agree to disagree and still maintain a civil discourse. “Civil discourse” is essential. This administration, however, continues to go way beyond that and worse.

      Again, Susie, thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspective.

      Kindest regards to you and yours.

      ~ Jessan

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