Silence and Solitude – Life Lessons

I learned to sit, in silence and solitude, at the end of my street, on Narragansett Bay, looking out and way, when I was young and questioned everything.

When the world was too much with me, I went to that place.

As I celebrated more birthdays I went less and less; and, finally, moved away to begin another part of my life.

Recently, I visited that street, again. I walked to the end of the street and looked out. The place I used to sit is no longer there. Nevertheless, I can bring it all back, as if it was the day before yesterday.

It’s come to my attentions that sitting in silence and solitude is, frequently, questioned, invaded and/or under suspicion in this society. Some folks just have to come up to you, say anything, and break that embrace of peace in which you were sitting. I don’t know why.

The long life lessons I learned as a young girl, sitting for hours sometimes, were to feel, with my entire spirit, to listen with an acutely tuned ear to the patterns of life and nature; and, most important, to stay open and be patient. I did not know then (only learned years later), I would come into the writing life and what lessons I already knew about feeling, listening, staying open, and patience.

I still question everything. I still create and/or find places where I can sit, in silence and solitude, and look out and away.

Where and how did you learn your life lessons?

Stay safe. Take care of yourself and each other.

In gratitude,

~ Jessan

photo credit: Jessan Dunn Otis (c) 2021


2 thoughts on “Silence and Solitude – Life Lessons

  1. mckingbryant

    I learned my life’s lessons,usually through mistakes I have made.Unfortunately,I chose the wrong marriage partner,but somehow I felt the two boys which were produced were boys I was supposed to nurture. What I learned was to ask pertinent questions about what I would be dealing with,before I jump in and say yes.

    Yes,I try to make thoroughly informed decisions,and not let mere emotion get to me. Meditation ,silence and solitude do help in these matters.Having a disciplined spiritituality helps. Now,disciplined spirituality is something you learn through reading,counseling with wise people from a religion you admire and getting to know yourself very well.

    You must discard all masks you wear in public,with family,friends and perceived enemies. This,too can be done by writing about this,talking to a person you deem wise and observing what makes you feel at peace. I believe this is something that you really have to do,in order to live as fruitfully as you wish. Learning life’s lessons is a serious matter and should urge you every day to be aware,awake and careful of the present. That,is my answer to an eternal conundrum. Mary Cappy…..

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  2. Jessan Dunn Otis Post author

    Thank you for your understanding and sharing some of your experiences in learning life lessons. Mistakes are not mistakes unless you fail to learn the lesson. Every day is an opportunity to come closer to our better selves. If that’s the best for which we can hope…I’m okay with that. Stay safe. Carry on. Thanks for swinging by and leaving a comment – always appreciated. Cheers! ~ Jessan



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