6:41 AM ~ poem


Early AM Light - Providence, RI - August, 2016 - photo credit - Jessan Dunn Otis, Writer\





6:41 AM ~ poem

In this early morning, break-of-a-new day light

In this cooling, new-day air

I could live



(c) poem and photo credit – Jessan Dunn Otis|Writer – August 30, 2016


Author: Jessan Dunn Otis|Writer

Founder|Owner|CCO|CMO|Strategic Writer|Published Poet|Entrepreneur|Wife|Mother|Student|Teacher|Collaborator|Communicator|Creator|Motivator|Advocate|Mentor|Dancer (no matter if anyone is watching [or not])|Realistic Optimist ; and, a tad more mischief. :) Based in Rhode Island (USA) since May, 1996.

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